192: Float Conference (Virtual) Hype! 2020

Episode 192 · July 28th, 2020 · 39 mins 40 secs

About this Episode

We’re getting excited about the 2020 Virtual Float Conference! We searched high and low to find some folks who are willing to talk to us about what’s happening with this year’s event, and thankfully, we found a few board members who were willing to talk about this year’s event! We got the inside scoop about what’s coming up this September, including how you’ll have an opportunity to not only hear some amazing speakers, but also have really cool ways to connect with fellow attendees, “create your own” topics, see some familiar floaty faces, and still party Float Con style! And a big spoiler: if you can’t attend a session live, you’ll have immediate access to watch it later!

[Float Conference Tickets](www.floatconference.com/tickets)

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