274: Get Those Clients Back in!

Episode 274 · March 30th, 2023 · 53 mins 39 secs

About this Episode

If you missed last year’s Float Conference, or if you chose to attend the amazing breathwork session that happened at the same time, and you missed Kim’s “Creating an Organic Sales Funnel” workshop, you’re in luck! In this episode, Kim breaks down a few key points about implementing some strategies to get folks to come back through the door again after their first float. You’ll hear some common challenges to getting returning guests, how to create a powerful offer that isn’t salesy, how to create “soft sell touchpoints”, and how to create a successful mindset to motivate your team (or yourself!).

It’s not just about creating a killer deal or setting quotas. Creating an effective organic sales funnel involves thinking about your why - understanding that you opened your doors to help your community find relief from the world and all that comes with the human condition - and remembering that “selling” is really just “helping”.

Be sure to take a few notes, and for your homework, try at least one of the strategies discussed, and then we’d love to hear how it goes for you! Send us a message so we can share it with the world!

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