9: State of the Float Industry, State of our Centers

Episode 9 · January 6th, 2016 · 1 hr 17 mins

About this Episode

Before diving into what lies ahead for 2016, Dylan, Amy, and Lance reflect upon their holiday promotions and sales and discuss what went as planned, what exceeded expectations, and what they'd like to do differently next year. Planning for holidays 2016 can begin now to ensure smooth sailing when the season arrives.

Then, onto 2016! Amy shares her plans to open a second float center and discusses why a second center is what's needed for Float Nashville. By promoting an employee to full-time manager at her first location, she has more time and energy for focusing on location number two. Lance's plans for 2016 involves filling in the large, unused space within the Float Shack with a community space, therapist offices, and a sauna! Instead of installing more float tanks, which was the original plan, Lance discusses his vision for creating a space with multiple offerings where someone could spend an entire day of wellness. Dylan updates us on the remodeling of the Float Shoppe's fourth float room.

With more exciting media coverage about floating coming out over the holidays, our hosts reflect on the state of the industry. With the word "trend" being thrown around, is there a chance that the popularity will fade? Alternately, particularly with the research being done at LIBR (Laureate Institute for Brain Research), how far could this industry go?

Finally, 2016 holds exciting growth for the podcast, including more interaction with other float center owners, quicker turnaround time between recording and airing, and possibly some listener get-togethers! Be sure to shout out your ideas for the podcast too!

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