Lance Foss

Co-Host of Art of the Float

Lance Foss is an extremely passionate Floatrepreneur based out of Alberta, Canada. Both the co-founder of The Float Shack & The Canadian Float Collective, he also co-hosts the “Art of the Float Podcast”. Lance quickly found his passion for floatation after first becoming informed about it on a trip down to Portland, Oregon in the spring of 2013. Prior to his involvement in the floatation industry, Lance spent 10 years working as a journeyman heavy duty mechanic. During this time he had the chance to learn and work with various hydraulic, mechanical, electrical, & electronic systems. This knowledge has helped with the design, construction, and maintenance of all aspects of The Float Shack. Lance is constantly seeking improvement and innovation in all aspects of the floatation industry. Currently Lance sits on the board of the Canadian Float Collective as the Director of Communications and co-hosts the Art of the Float Podcast on a weekly basis.

Lance Foss has hosted 117 Episodes.